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contemporary art

original painting from Japan

I did not mean to study abroad originally want to be a painter.

1979 Born in Yokohama

1I went to language study alone near Munich of Germany two years taken a leave of absence from high school at the time of the 16-year-old is then opportunity to live in Germany. At this time, I never would have guessed such as become a painter. Nowhere to go is no longer missing in absolutely no hate nor study schools in honor student, was the reason it is that you want run away somehow or rather want to go far away to somewhere.
Words also went to the can not be all it up because I do not want also learn to never was also carried out even once abroad. I think that it had been licked so much outside of Japan did not imagine what it feels like. Carried out the first time in that saw Japan from foreign surprise, not speak, to transmitted no distress was also the first really there, everyone in the country do not know their own not through even pose in Japan until then, I was puzzled really also remember clearly now that the.

From 16 to 18 and I just tried to go anyway.Now it again go to Germany in 1999 after graduating from high school to return home in that 18-year-old is recommended to graduate from high school in Japan to the people of Germany.

Initially I wanted to do a stage art rather than going to receive the painting department.

1999 academie

1999-2002 standard training,academic Nude Drawing and landscape and more. From 2002 I was studying in class of professor max kaminski. I began the oil painting in 2002 of Prof.Max Kaminski. I paint expressieve figurative painting in Japanese-style colors. And I went to a museum every week, I was very fond of old picture not interested so much in that time contemporary art.I liked Corot and Holbein and Cranach from that time.I was graduated from the Academy in 2004.

I learned of the "technology necessary to draw" is, in the contemporary art was what is no longer needed. Also different with the drawings, such as at the same time look at the entrance examination, such as art school of Japan. My teacher is also various nationalities, but told me that a very important for the picture. I am very respect that of them.

I moved to Berlin.

2006年 Works.

It gave a production activities while performing such as exhibited at the gallery moved from 2004 to two years in Leipzig. From the picture at the time of the exhibition of 2006 became the form of a picture, such as those drawn today. I was immersed to draw a picture in the house-cum-studio moved to Berlin in the year. There was also the past few months do not meet anyone.
contemporary art was withdrawn because I wanted to forget what all Arekore various learned was that people said .I was interested only in their own pictures. I began to gradually estranged with the world of art.

Back to Japan


2010 were sold in large quantities direct a pictures in the auction of the net to jammed also placed on economic defiant also eliminates the saucer in the "my pictures" and is going to art of Arisama and the shift of the Western world art in years. That time is the result, because it was the atelier of the city was supposed to feel there is no stepping lot of legs in the pictures was just right.I had to buy the people of various countries a picture of about 800 sheets of various sizes on their own. Although the net sales was tough because I had is not drawn a lot was a good experience because people are wanted the painting did not think until it what you are asking. My while to organize the studio came home in 2013 because I thought that it is time to return to Japan.

I paint.

2016 in Yokohama

I learned a lot of things in Germany.Now I want to draw a picture suitable for today at home on the basis of the experience.


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