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For decoration of the pictures.

oilcolour and watercolour
Orthodox oil paintings are sold in with forehead. We recommend a simple amount to match basically of painting colors. Picture is colorful has been produced so as to be just right with a simple amount so we also adjust the tone.
This oil painting canvas of the wooden frame is 4-6cm, but it is thick. Has been produced in to become such a how to paint instead of the effect of color obtained with many forehead works with goldleaf or other material. The presence or absence of the amount is rather good picture also basically not necessarily so we choose Aragajime in accordance with the picture you can decorate as it is.

Oil Painting with frame

Thickness is a general canvas of around 2cm is framed.

2006 Oil on canvas x 80x100cm*GALLERY TAGBOAT

Oil paintings do not need a forehead

Picture the thickness of the pictures is 4-6cm You can decorate with no forehead.

2006 Oil on canvas x 60x100cm*GALLERY TAGBOAT

Paintings on paper

Many have drawn on Japanese paper, but across in between the picture and the amount of the acrylic version for the screen protection.

2014 watercolour on japanese paper 20x25cm*CREEMA

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Gallery Tagboat

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