SOLO EXHIBITION | Colors of Japan’s Four Seasons | AZABUJYUBAN |

2-13-2 Azabujuban Minatoku Tokyo | 100 Pictures | DATE:07.09.2018 – 20.09.2018
*Opening Party 07.09.2018 18:00 ~ 21:00
OPEN:12:00~19:00 WELCOME TO TOKYO! Contact For Exhibition:
Kyuryudo Art-Publishing CO.,LTD Address: 1F Bungeishunju Shinkan 3-23 Kioicho Chiyodaku Tokyo Tel:03-3239-3381

From curation of Kyuryudo
Taro Otani, a highly skilled artist, draws colors of Japan’s four seasons with sensitivity. After spending a long period abroad where he was educated on a global stage, he found his identity from his homeland‐Japan, and came back here. A prolific artist, his paintings are unique. He paints “his own art” one after another and his happiness grows. Over 1,000 of his artworks were collected in the world. We are able to show his artworks in Japan at last. Please visit our gallery to see Taro Otani’s artworks filled with colors and happiness.