painting 3.0

One of the big themes for me is how to paint oil paintings in a natural way without discomfort. It was a challenge all the time while I was in Germany. Most Japanese oil paintings and European oil paintings are different.

Most oil paintings seen in Japanese art museums copie the paintings of European time is Maybe Installation copie,next next time is video art copie. Of course the master who found her form in the picture is amazing and I was influenced by various people. I also have many favorite master paintings.

I think not "today" come every time from another planet. Nobody can copy the master pictures of the world.I respect the master very much and I must to find a way to pictures with my style.

From tracing "contemporary art" that already exists or replacing speechless word play is not for me. Creating pictures with my style is "contemporary art" for me. Taro Otani


Information on exhibition information and the latest works can be found here from here.

22.sep. * Exhibition 2018 | Updated.
22sep. | news | Updated.


Walking with Art.

Original oil painting * Watercolor printed on iPhone case.

smartphone ring,passport case, key case, interior etc are also available.

Taro Otani

1979 Geboren in Kanagawa.
2004 Staatliche Akademie der bildende Künste Karlsruhe.2006-2013 arbeitete in Berlin.Seit 2013 arbeitet and lebt in Kanagawa/Japan

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