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Taro Otani painting/graphics*about sales

Online sales and realistic events

Most of the works created in time to paint a new work has been online sales registration. and I am an opportunity to show the pictures directly with regular solo exhibition such as to the Messe.

Gallery Tagboat

I am sales registration in tagboat since 2009. I have to buy a lot of work. I have been and promotion as the main sales channels in the contemporary art.


Japanese Handmade online shop. It is allowed to sell registered the original painting and print goods.


Discover the beauty of Japan/ To the registration from 2015 sale oil Pictures.


GLOBAL ONLINE GALLERY.I sell 10pictures now on gallery.


A little piece, such as those set up on top of the desk was mainly gathered. It increases from time to time work.

About Exhibition

Since the collectively opportunity to show any major work has been solo exhibition also emphasizes. Also it plans to go on a regular basis in the future.

About Handmade

Selling exhibition of work agnostic range of art is I think in the future becomes even more important for me.

Other events

In combination, such as paintings and accessories also summarized in the opportunity, such as Messe,I regularly participate from about three years ago in the exhibition.

original print

It produces and distributes the original oil paintings and watercolors as a print goods. "Just as get familiar with the picture" is the concept.

original pictures

The picture is in online sales.From Yokohama to all ART Lover.

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