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Oil Colour*Water Colour*Zeichnung

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From Tagboat and Alexcious it is in new sales.

All Sale List

A small picture from BASE and SAATCHI ART.

*Oil Colour*
It is a work list of oil paintings are selling.
* online Shop/Gallery tagboat/SAATCHI ART/BASE*ART
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*Water Colour*
It is a work list of Water Colour are selling.
*online Shop/Gallery tagboat/BASE*ART/SAATCHI ART
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It is a work list of Drawing are selling.
*online Shop/Gallery tagboat/SAATCHI ART/BASE*ART
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Since 2009 it is the works sale
*The latest registration / 2016 March


To BASE than 2015 was the shop OPEN of the pictures.


It is 12 Works selling in oil painting now.

Paintings list

Nude and portrait, you can see the work that has been sell by category, such as the big pictures.
It is being sold oil paintings / watercolor of a nude than GALLERY TAGBOAT.
It is a picture of the face series. 50cm We offer the size of the front and back. Framed to have.
*Kleine Gemälde*
This is an introduction of a picture which you can decorate to put on the type of picture and picture frame that I do not need the amount of about 10cm.
*Grösse Gemälde*
5m those largest of the paintings in the past But we have also sold a picture of the size of the currently about 3m.
*Pictures of City*
A picture of many of the city without Japan gave to the collection so far. List a collection of pictures of the city.
*Flower painting*
Picture in which the flowers, such as the motif camellia also abundantly justified./On sale*tagboat,alexcious,Base*ART,saatchi art

2016*pick-up work

Water town

oil x Canvas 2016


25.7. 2016 new Works

Sale in Gallery Tagboat

It will sell with a wooden amount you can decorate as it is.

Taro Otani/Painting/graphics go to facebook page

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online store.
new japanese style.
Traditional + contemporary art

1979 Born in Yokohama.
2004 State Academy of Fine Arts,Karlsruhe
2006-2013 worked in Berlin/Germany
since 2013 live and work in kanagawa/Japan

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New topics/Event & More*every day New!!

Gallery Tagboat

online Gallery from Tokyo


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